09 juin 2013

To place an order

Hello and Welcome!

To place an order, I invite you to click on :

"Contacter l'auteur"

located in the column on the left of each page

(just aboce "NEWSLETTER")

Once you clicked on this one, leave me a message by specifying the title of the object

Do not forget to copy the security code that is asked

(Since I don't speak English very well, thank you for trying to translate what you want to say by clicking on th google translation page : https://translate.google.fr/

You can then copy your translated text and paste it into your message)

If you do not have an answer within 24 hours, is that I did not receive your message (do not hesitate-renew)

I answer all messages and all questions.


FREE: Sign up for the newsletter

(You can unsubscribe whenever you want)

- You will be informed when a new object is for sale

- You will have promotions in preview on the blog

- You will earn loyalty points with your purchases:

6 euros purchase * = 1 loyalty point (* You will pay the amount of shipping)

from 10 points I offer a voucher for an amount of 5 euros
(valid for 6 months on this blog and even on discounted items)

For all payments,

thank you contact me and I'll give you coordinates.
(For international payments, thank you for making a bank transfer)
I thank you and good visit on "L'ardu broc"

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